Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapist – Providing a Vital Link For Rehabilitation

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An Occupational Therapists develop, improve or restore patients
to their highest level of performance in daily living skills, work or leisure.

Occupational Therapy Improves:

  • Self feeding skills
  • Self care (bathing, dressing, grooming) skills
  • Wheelchair mobility
  • Resident safety during functional tasks
  • Environmental adaptation for physical and/or cognitive impairments

Occupational therapists also develop and provide services related
to splinting/contracture management positioning for wheelchair/bed
safety and function, fine motor skill enhancement and home assessments.

An Occupational Therapists may work with patients in a variety
of settings:

  • Long Term Care
  • Home Health
  • Transitional Care Units
  • Outpatient

An Occupational Therapist working with a good company can benefit:

  • Is well known and established
  • Provides management and corporate support for clinical issues
  • Provides continuing education opportunities
  • Is dedicated to providing the best clinical care and customer service
  • Is growing rapidly throughout the Midwest and other areas
  • Is very active in State and National Healthcare Associations